Will KVPY be helpful in JEE/NEET Preparation??

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As you are aware of that KVPY 2017 will be conducted on 29th October 2017 and many of you are being confused for this examination whether you should appear or not whether It would be helpful in your JEE/NEET Preparation or not? So Below are some points to clear your confusion.

  • If a career in research and development in areas of Medicine, Engineering and Basic Sciences excites you, then you should definitely appear for KVPY. This scholarship program is funded by Government of India to inspire students to engage in research careers. The selected students are granted scholarships up to the pre Ph.D. level or 5 years whichever is earlier. In addition, summer camps for the KVPY Fellows are organized in prestigious research and educational institutions in the country.



Monthly Fellowship

Annual Contingency Grant

SA/SX/SB – during 1st to 3rd years of – B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S.

Rs. 5000

Rs. 20000

SA/SX/SB – during M. Sc. / 4th to 5th years of Integrated M.Sc. /M.S./M.Math./M.Stat.

Rs. 7000

Rs. 28000

  • Since it is the first competitive exam faced by the students of the Science stream, it can go a long way in helping the students to prepare for JEE/NEET. Although JEE/NEET and KVPY differ vastly in their approach and assessment, the setting and environment can be quite similar. Generally, both of these tests are related to the JEE/NEET syllabus so it’s good idea to appear for KVPY.

  • KVPY helps in mentally preparing the student to be able to deliver in a competent environment. The exam also helps in honing time management skills along with staying focused on multiple tasks and different subjects.

  • Furthermore, KVPY tests the student’s ability to comprehend and apply the various concepts that have been learnt; it is mainly used to determine if you have an aptitude for research. Since this exam focuses on the fundamentals, the preparation for KVPY and JEE/NEET need not be exclusive.

  • KVPY exam is held before JEE/NEET, so it serves as the perfect platform to test your preparedness level. If you appear for it in Class 11, you will probably have only 5 months to prepare. Whereas, if you appear for it in Class 12, you will have about 7 months to clear up the entire syllabus. This will leave you with ample time to revise and re-revise the syllabus again for JEE/NEET.

  • Last but not the least, if you clear KVPY, it will certainly boost your confidence and would open new opportunities to join research programs. You could access national libraries by its certificate as it is recognized internationally.

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