RIITian Aniket Patankar Success Story

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If you have a dream, it’s definitely achievable through hard work, through dedication, sacrifice, everything.” – Carli Lloyd

Aniket Patankar has proved the above quote by his hard work & dedication. Aniket had enrolled in 2 year integrated program at Rao IIT AcademyThane Branch in the year 2011. He had secured AIR 334 in IIT JEE Advanced in the year 2013.

Aniket maintained the hard work , dedication, passion towards study even after getting into IIT Bombay. He has been awarded with the President of India Gold Medal for his excellence Academic Performance and the Institute Silver Medal for being department topper in the 55th convocation of IIT Bombay on 12th August, 2017.

Aniket had joined IIT Bombay in Mechanical Engineering department. He was considered for changing branch to Computer Science after first year, but he decided to stick to mechanical engineering as he had found it more aligned to his interests and took a minor degree option in computer science.

There were many orientations, technical events and competitions in the first year. However he focused more on academics and did well in the courses. Since his parents live in Vikhroli, so he used to travel back home most days of the week. He was in Hostel 8 of IITB campus.

As departmental courses start from the second year in engineering. So at the beginning, he faced some difficulties in those courses because the style of the courses changed considerably & generally the first year courses were mostly like JEE, but more open ended. The department courses needed a new style of thinking and studying. Consequently, he faltered a little in the third semester. But he soon attuned himself to the new circumstances and did well in all the subsequent semesters. The momentum built in the first year helped him overcome this hurdle. In his third semester, he did a thermodynamics course under Prof. Milind Atrey of IITB and he found it very interesting and subsequently he did a summer research internship under the same professor after second year. He worked in the field of cryogenics, and during the internship he worked on predicting Joule Thomson inversion curves of mixtures of fluids (eg. A mixture of CH4-N2). This had applications in some cryocooler technologies. He continued this research in his third year, and subsequently published a paper in an international conference held in March 2016. In the summer after third year, he did an internship at Morgan Stanley as a quantitative analyst. It helped him to get a feel of the corporate world. It was during this time that he decided to study beyond his undergraduate and pursue PhD. Accordingly, he appeared for GRE and TOEFL in his 7th semester and applied to various universities in December 2016. He got an acceptance from MIT in early March 2017, and also received full scholarship in early April, 2017.

During the fourth year, he was also working with Prof. Atrey on a cryogenic compressor for B.Tech honours thesis. He submitted his thesis titled ‘Investigation of the Moving Coil Linear Compressor for High Frequency Stirling Type Cryocoolers’ in May 2017.

He will be joining MIT for Master’s degree  in September month this year and also completing his PhD from there. His research at MIT is on “Thermodynamics Problems commonly encountered in combustion in Power Plants“.

Rao IIT family is very proud of his success and wish him all the best for whatever he does in his life. 🙂

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