Habits of Effective Parents

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1. Give kids a Stress Free Environment


As the children are going through tremendous pressure and are anxious about their career. They are preparing for one of the toughest examinations not only in India but in Asia. All they would need is your support. In today’s time we all are stressed out for some or the other reasons. Make sure that our stress should not be imparted on them.

2. Spend time with the child


Parents should discuss their child’s weakness on regular basis. Children should be able to communicate with parents without any hesitation, without any fear that they would be judged. At times the child is shy and cannot discuss his/her weaknesses to teachers directly, parents should take a lead role in that case.

3. Never ever tell a child that he/she can’t do it


At times, parents fail to understand that every child is born with different abilities. We tend to compare kids with their friends. “Why he/she got 98%, and why you got 90%“.  “Why he came 1st why you came 2nd and so on. Why your friend got more marks, why aren’t you getting good marks when your friend is sitting in same class.” Please understand that whatever it is, it is you, it is only you whom your child will look upon in times when he/she is unable to cope up with studies. Such questions will only effect communication between parents and the child.

4. Motivates child


The children have to cover huge portion in 2 years. They would need lot of motivation to be regular throughout the 2 years. Even if the children have not scored good marks in few tests, parents should not loose faith on them. Give them some time, understand their weaknesses and together plan how to overcome them.

5. Never abuse child

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It has been often seen if parents are unhappy with child’s performance, or if it is found that there is lack of discipline in child, parents at times loose control and abuse the child. Remember that this is not going to help at all. Such behavior will bring full stop to their studies. Not only studies, the child will grow with lot of anger hidden inside them.

6. Be Vigilant


In today’s time with so much of penetration of social networking sites, instant messaging apps in the society, it is essential for parents to be vigilant that their ward is using internet judicially. Try to avoid giving high end mobile phones. Remember that you are giving them distractions along with it.

7. Test paper analysis


Make sure that your child after giving test gives time to analyse the test paper on the same day itself. Parents should sit with child to understand their mistakes and help them improve in each test. Parents should make sure that the child solves the entire paper again at home. This way, the child would learn through the test papers itself.

8. Avoid Television

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It’s easy to say do not watch TV. But is it possible that a student will not be distracted even if the family members are actively watching TV ? We as parents have to bar from things which we want our child should not have access during the coming two years. If we can’t shut TV, at least try to maintain some rules in order to minimize the usage.

9. Healthy food


Give them healthy diet which helps them to be mentally active. Diet plays a very important role in studies. Give them nutritious breakfast. Do not send them to class empty stomach. They will not understand anything if their stomach is crying. Pack them a lunch box in order to avoid junk food/outside food.

10. Develop good Study habits

673455-1.jpgTry to inculcate good study habits in child. Do not promote studies on bed. Table study is compulsory. Give them some space for their table and chair which would be totally dedicated to them with minimum distractions. There should not be mobile with the child while sitting for studies.

11. Have Realistic Expectations



All of a sudden, children can’t show miraculous improvement if their scores were low. They will need some time to improve. During that period do not forget to give them confidence and strength.

12. Keep back up plan

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Motivate your child to work hard and simultaneously keep a backup plan ready if they fail in any exam. But this back up plan should not be a reason for casual approach in the child Parents should encourage the child to give all the possible entrance examinations in the country to have maximum options for them.

Parents should develop this attitude. Whether your child gets into IITs or not, whether your child secures a good rank in NEET/AIIMS or not, he/she is still your child, your life and your life can’t be defined as being an IITian or a doctor. Counsel kids that they have to try, put their best efforts and you as parent will be happy whatever may be the results.

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