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National Level Science Talent Search Examination – 2018 is a diagnostic test which helps students improve their overall learning ability and educational performance.

NSTSE helps each student to know early, whether he/she has properly understood a concept, so that immediate action can be taken to correct the aberration and pave a path for improvement. Often, students develop conceptual gaps which increase as the students go to higher classes and turn those into a ‘phobia’ for the subject. School tests – including board exams – tend to test children superficially, only to the extent what they have memorized. But the important skills like the ability to think independently and reason logically – most critical in today’s world – are often not aimed at or tested in school tests. Thus, unlike other tests which may only find out how much a student knows or has memorized, NSTSE measures how well a student has understood the concepts.

The focus on fundamentals is very important as when the child finishes studies he/she will have to face the competitive world armed with those fundamentals. Even while opting for higher studies, a student has to go through a complete scan of what he/she knows and how much. Exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AFMC, AIIMS, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc., are designed to test the fundamental strength of a student. Hence the need of the hour is to build the fundamental-base as strong and as early as possible. This exactly is the philosophy behind Unified Council’s NSTSE.

NSTSE is unlike other tests in many different ways. It

  • has interesting questions that require thinking, not simply a recall.
  • provides detailed skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • provides a benchmark of the student’s performance and his/her peers.
Date of Examination : 24-01-2018
Time : 09:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.
Last Date for Receipt of Applications: : 15-11-2017

Date of examination for Individual /Direct applicants: 04-02-2018(Sunday)

Each class has a different question paper.

All questions are objective-type with no negative marking for wrong answers.

No. Of Questions
 4-12 100 100
* Duration of the examination for all classes 90 minutes.


Division of marks in the Question Paper :
For Classes VI to X :
Mathematics : 25
Physics : 25
Chemistry : 20
Biology : 20
General Questions : 10
For Classes XI & XII (PCM)
Mathematics : 40
Physics : 25
Chemistry : 25
General Questions : 10
For Classes XI & XII (PCB)
Biology : 40
Physics : 25
Chemistry : 25
General Questions : 10
NSTSE is beased on the CBSE syllabus. 85% of the Syllabus is considered for setting the NSTSE Question Papers.
NSTSE Question Papers are also suitable for students of ICSE/ISC and Various other State Board/Matriculation Syllabi.

Important link:

Official Websitehttp://www.unifiedcouncil.com/

Online Registration linkhttp://www.unifiedcouncil.com/options.aspx

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