NEET 2018: General Instructions to be followed by Students

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to conduct the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) on 6th May 2018. This exam is conducted by CBSE for aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate MBBS and BDS courses all over India, lakhs of candidates apply for admission in medical colleges. NEET 2018 will be held in Hindi, English, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. There will be 180 objective type questions (four options with a single correct answer) from physics, chemistry and biology (botany and zoology) in the paper. The duration of test would be three hours. 

There are some important instructions mentioned below which are to be followed by students. 

  • The Examination Centre will be opened 2 hrs. and 30 mins before the commencement of the test. No candidate shall be allowed to enter in the examination centre after 09.30 a.m. Therefore, kindly ensure that candidates must leave home well in advance considering all facts like traffic, location of the centre and weather conditions, etc.
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring any barred item or any item which could be used in unfair means. Possession of any such article with the candidates inside the centre premises will attract the penalties of unfair practices.
  • Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any of the barred items to the venue of the examination as arrangement for safe keeping will not be made and candidates found in possession of these items will not be allowed entry in the examination centre.
  • The Test will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card and an announcement to this effect will be made by the invigilator.
  • A signal will be given at the beginning of the examination and at half-time. A signal will also be given before the closing time when the candidate must stop marking the responses.
  • The candidate must sign twice on the Attendance Sheet at the specified place, first time immediately after the commencement of examination and second time while handing over the Answer Sheet to the invigilator. The candidates are also required to put their Finger Impressions in the space provided on the Attendance Sheet.
  • The conduct of NEET (UG) Examination would be videographed. The candidates are required to keep their head in upright position and face the camera during the videography so that their identity could be clearly established.
  • Students are not allowed to wear shoes, heels. Simple hairdo is also advised. Female candidates were advised to not tie their hair in a bun.
  • Fifteen minutes before the commencement of the test, candidates will be given a sealed Test Booklet. The Answer Sheet will be found placed inside the sealed Test Booklet.  Immediately on receipt of the Test Booklet, the candidates will fill in the required particulars on the cover page of the Test Booklet with Ball Point Pen provided at the Centre. Candidates will not open the Test Booklet until asked to do so by the invigilator. Five minutes before the commencement of the Test, the candidates will be instructed to break/open the seal of the Test Booklet and take out the Answer Sheet carefully. The Candidate should check carefully that the Test Booklet Code printed on Side-2 of the Answer Sheet is the same as printed on Test Booklet. In case of discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the invigilator for replacement of both the Test Booklet and the Answer Sheet. Candidate will then write particulars with ball point pen on both the sides. After completing this step, the candidate will wait for the signal by the Invigilator to start the test.
  • The candidates must fully satisfy themselves about the accuracy of the answer before darkening the appropriate circle as no change in answer once marked is allowed. Use of eraser or white fluid on the Answer Sheet is not permissible as the Answer Sheets are machine gradable and it may lead to wrong evaluation.
  • The candidate will not do any rough work or writing work on the Answer Sheet. All rough work is to be done in the Test Booklet itself.

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