Rao Medical scores big in NEET 2020 , 700/720 marks

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Rao Medical achieves outstanding success in NEET 2020.

We are very happy to share that our Classroom Program student , Harjinder Singh Mahal , have secured 700/720 marks and secured AIR-101 , in General Category . As anticipated this yr ,97.5% of students qualified NEET-2020, which is pne among the highest in Leading Coaching institutes of India. The Repeaters selection was 100% in NEET-2020. We Congratulate all the selected students of NEET-2020. RAO MEDICAL ( Medical Division of RAO IIT ACADEMY ) Ps: This yr in Neet exam at 705 marks , AIR is in @ 20-30 and at 700 marks it is about 110.This means at 1 question error the student Rank fluctuates about 75 rank on same score in TOP 100-200 Rank .It’s important that testing is provided with clear demarcation so the paper conducted should be able to differentiate students level, giving Ranking to majority of the students on basis of age ( the higher the age Neet NTA gives u higher rank) is just simply sad.

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