Jee mains 2021 Best Results

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Outstanding result in Jee Mains 2021 by RAO students.
Rao Junior college of Science student Siddhant Jakhothiya, 4Yr Classroom student of RAO IIT, secures 💯 percentile in Physics in Jee Mains 2021, with an ALL INDIA RANK -73 ( General Category ).
Today afternoon JEE MAINS results got declared , and we are very thrilled to announce that RAO students have achieved great success in JEE MAINS 2021 with More than 3000 students qualifying for Jee Advanced .
The Genuineness of the results is such that the same student is being highlighted from the Feb 2021 as our Topper .
I m surprised and shocked from afternoon after seeing institutions claiming students result when the student is engaged not even for a yr with them .
These examination like JEE and NEET require hard work and diligent Teaching for about 2 yrs time and more so institutes claiming short term or nameshake engagement, and highlighting results is misleading .
Genuineness of Results ! Rao IIT 💯
students #teaching #education #teacher #jeeadvanced #neetpreparation #jeemain #jeepreparation #iitcoaching #iitjee #11thadmission #cbse #school #icse #learning #success #share #like This is one of the Best jee mains results among the top 10 National IIT Coaching Institute with 2 yearlong classroom course .
With 9 lacs plus students taking JEE mains exam and exam happening for 4 attempts from Feb till September 2021. Teachers working Double hard and students doing hard work amidst lockdown and COVID -19 stress this is an awesome achievement. Genuineness of Result ! RAO IIT


  1. We are extremely happy for the performances of students from Roa Academy. The teachers, professors from Rao are truly dedicate themselves to mentor all the students and inspire them to build their career.

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