Preparation after Board exams – Std 12th students

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Aiming – JEE / NEET and other related exams or CUET – 2022 With the Boards exams of 2022 getting over of Std 12th students , the focus will now shift to the career courses of nee /Neet /CUET/State CET
Future Doctor
All the exams are scheduled from July to august 2022. It important that already the students who r a bit exhausted by board exams follow the following
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1- Make a flexible study plan with weekly target . 2- Have 30 % of ur time on paper solving 3- If u find some topics not possible to incorporate in ur schedule , it’s ok to leave them . 4- Remember competitive exams motive is to do good in majority sections rather than doing average in all sections .
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5-Make ur own notes book so that u can revise it on exam day 6- Daily one test practice of 2-3 hrs depending on practice paper available and more so exams earlier years paper will be a must. This will create the best exam orientation .The condition will be one that you take the test as you will be taking the exam.
Take a test Daily
7-It’s important to develop the students study timings considering the exam schedule so that the best performance of student will come during the hours of the day at which exam will be held. 8- At any cost anxiety and Fear of exam is to be avoided.
Never Fear
9- Present goal should be to make best of remaining time and appear the exam to get the best possible result. 10- Limited use of social media or no use till you write ur exam.
Avoid social media
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