Rao’s Free JEE NEET Coaching Initiative

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Every child has the right to dream… the right to achieve their god given potential… the right to education…the right to fulfill their dreams irrespective of their parents ability to pay for their education. We at Rao IIT Academy believe in this. We always encouraged Right to Education. Education has the immense power to transform lives. It is only through education where a farmer’s daughter can be an IPS officer, where an auto rickshaw driver’s son can be an IITian, where a tea vendor’s daughter can be a doctor, where a domestic help’s son can be a scientist…. We know that there are many students who cannot afford education but at the same time they have the fire within them to learn and excel. It takes a lot of self discipline to learn through videos without the physical presence of a teacher. For the students who are self motivated and self disciplined, we are now uploading all the recordings of live lectures covering every topic in detail needed for cracking the toughest examinations in our country. We believe that these live lectures recordings will help students of every corner of our country. Through these videos , if we could bring change to even single child, our goal is achieved. Please subscribe the below given channels for free JEE/NEET coaching: Subscribe Now:
RAO IIT Academy:✅ https://bit.ly/3kZjrZF
RAO IIT Physics Live!✅ : https://bit.ly/3wowg4W
RAO IIT Chemistry Live!✅ : https://bit.ly/3spmsqb
RAO IIT Maths Live!✅ : https://bit.ly/3ssvrac
RAO Medical Biology Live!✅ : https://bit.ly/3yrutif Happy learning! Thank you! Regards, Rao IIT Academy

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